Meg's Chocolaty Delights

Meg's Chocolaty Delights are perfect for the holidays or any day you want a real treat. Chocolate and nuts are a healthy, great-tasting gift that can be enjoyed by all. Try the dark chocolate almonds for a heart healthy snack . . . YUMMMM! American made and packed in foil lined packages to ensure freshness. Priced at $6.00 per bag, your customers will buy 3 or 4 at a time! This brochure contains all chocolates so sales are limited in the southern USA to the cooler months.

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Megs Chocolaty Delights
  • Products retail for $6.00 per bag
  • Profit = 40% ($2.40 per bag)
  • Minimum order 50 items
  • FREE brochures collated and delivered in bags ready to place in teacher boxes
  • FREE prizes & elementary age Prize Brochures with 200 participants or more
  • No Tallying! Orders will be tallied by Meg’s Delight – Free!
  • Product pre-packaged by teacher then by student
  • Easy school fundraisers and healthy food fundraising ideas from Houston, TX
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