Over 80% of U.S. households subscribe to magazines. We have several magazine voucher programs from which to choose. With a voucher program, students take orders, collect money at the point of sale then deliver a magazine voucher to the customer. The customer then completes the voucher and mails it in to the publisher, where it is processed and the customer’s magazine subscription delivery begins. This program may be run as an “order taker” or an “in-hand seller”.

Our signature product! We are the exclusive provider of the famous Meg’s Delight Cookie Dough. Once you have tasted Meg’s Delight, no other cookie dough will do!! Our customers come back year after year for more! They just can’t get enough!!

‘Tis the season to create a Personal Holiday Ornament with these hand-painted treasures. Made of high quality resin and ready to hang with a satin ribbon, these ornaments will open the flood gates of sweet holiday memories year after year! Give the gift of aroma with our holiday scented, premium quality wax and lead free wick candles also included in this brochure.

Everyone loves a Teddy Bear! With 85 bears from which to choose, these bears sell themselves! Cuddly-soft and adorable, there is a bear for everyone!

Maximize your fundraising efforts, with our TOP 5 PROVEN SELLERS for the fall! Let our fundraising experts guide you, step by step, through the “fundraising jungle” with tips to help you exceed your goals! Although we have many products, our TOP 5 PROVEN SELLERS are the products of which our customers sell the most in the fall.

Meg's Delight Cookie Dough
Meg’s Delight
Cookie Dough
Gourmet Snacks
Meg's Delightful Snacks

A Few of Your Favorite Things
A Few of Your
Favorite Things
Jelly Belly and More
Jelly Belly
& More
Megs Chocolaty Delights
Meg's Chocolaty Delights


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