Personal Expressions

The perfect program for those organizations that do not have the volunteer force to deal with deliveries! Our Personal Expressions brochure is a voucher program that contains a unique collection of personalized jewelry. Kiln fired porcelain and glass bead necklaces, bracelets and accessories. All hand personalized with any name, nickname or phrase and kiln fired. Your students will take orders, receive payment and deliver a paid voucher to their buyer. The buyer will complete the voucher with the desired personalization and mail the voucher back to the company. The personalized product will be delivered directly to the buyer’s home in approximately 4 weeks! A customer service phone number is listed on the voucher for any questions or problems so the buyer doesn’t have to contact the school!!

Click on graphic to see the full brochure.

  • Products retail for $16.00 to $21.00. Total price includes $6 for personalization, shipping and handling.
  • Profit = 40% on retail less $6 shipping and handling charge
  • Minimum order = 50 items. If minimum order is not achieved a less than minimum surcharge applies.
  • FREE Brochures collated and delivered in bags ready to place in teacher boxes
  • No Tallying! Meg’s Delight will tally your order for FREE
  • Vouchers delivered to school. Product delivered directly to buyer via US mail.
  • Easy school fundraisers and great fundraising ideas from Houston, TX
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