Entertain Your Heart & Home

Want the top selling potential of food without the hassle of dealing with frozen products? Our Entertain Your Heart and Home brochure is the answer! This brochure is full of food products that do not require refrigeration. A little something for everyone — delightful snacks, grill shakers, dry glazes, spice rubs, cheese spreads, sausage, scrumptious cookies, decadent chocolates, gourmet soups and party starters.

Click on graphic to see the full brochure.

  • Products retail for $9.00 to $12.00
  • Profit = 40%
  • Minimum order 100 items
  • FREE Brochures collated and delivered in bags ready to place in teacher boxes
  • FREE prizes & elementary age prize brochures with 300 participants or more
  • No Tallying! Orders will be tallied by Meg’s Delight - Free
  • Product pre-packaged by teacher then by student
  • Easy school fundraisers and food fundraising ideas from Houston, TX
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