Kids' Korner

KIDS' KORNER GIFT SHOPPES® is the Original Kids Gift Shop™. We have served over 20,000,000 children since we started in 1989. We pride ourselves in supplying Department Store quality products at kid prices and giving our schools the best possible service. Each year thousands of schools who want the best demand the Kids' Shop. The demand is so strong for our program that a number of other suppliers, have changed their name and/or advertising and added the word Kids to their name or program.

Don't disappoint yourself or your children with a copycat! Get the Original Kids Gift Shop™ KIDS' KORNER GIFT SHOPPES®.

Why Choose the Kid’s Korner Gift Shoppe® from Meg’s Delight?

BEST QUALITY & PRICES ... As the exclusive representative for Kid’s Korner in the Houston area, we at Meg’s Delight know that Kid’s Korner does everything in their power to make sure our merchandise is the best price. The quality guarantee is unmatched. If for any reason someone is unhappy with a purchase, we will refund or replace that item even 60 days after your event.

NO INVENTORY ... With our Kid’s Korner you don't have to take time to inventory the merchandise when it arrives. Nor do you have to inventory the merchandise when the sale is over! No more hours of figuring your own bill when you use our EZ No Inventory System saving your group hours of precious volunteer time.

FREE CASH REGISTER ... Meg’s Delight will provide qualified schools* a Free Cash Register to use during your shop. If you sign a 2 year contract for Kids Korner with us, we will give you a Free Cash Register to keep during the 2nd year & it’s yours to keep!

PRICE CODED MERCHANDISE ... With Kid’s Korner you don't spend your time putting price stickers on merchandise. Kid’s Korner products come with price codes already on them to make it easier on your cashier and other volunteers.

NO INVESTMENT ... We deliver all merchandise to you with the understanding that you pay only for what you sell.

NO RISKS ... Meg’s Delight will take back all unsold merchandise for full credit. You are never stuck with any unsold merchandise. See our No Inventory Reservation Form for details.

FREE SALES AIDS ... We do not charge you for any of the advertising material we supply — Watch-For Flyers, Has-Arrived Flyers, Gift Guide Envelopes, Posters, Table Cloths, Chairperson Success Manual, etc.

FREE GIFT BAGS ... We provide you with free gift bags and plastic bags for the children to carry their gifts home.

NO FREIGHT COSTS ... With Meg’s Delight & Kid’s Korner there are no freight costs. We pay to have the merchandise delivered to you and to have it picked up.

INSURANCE ... Our Kid’s Korner merchandise is backed by a $5,000,000.00 product liability policy. When you run a holiday shop you are selling merchandise to children in the school building, unlike fundraising programs where most customers are adults. Kid’s Korner believes the industry standard of $1,000,000.00 in product liability is just not enough protection when you are selling merchandise to children.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 1, 1995, products manufactured in or imported into the United States must comply with the Child Safety Protection Act (CSPA). Effective January 1, 2008, all products with which children will play must comply with 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Our products comply with both laws.

* Qualified Schools have 300+ students and must run the shop for 3 days or more during school hours.

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