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As a new instructor, taking on the challenge of fundraising can be overwhelming. However, working with Meg's Delight I found that they were professional, courteous and were able to answer all of my questions. The students enjoyed the product (fruit snacks) and recognized the value of what they received (taste and cost). I would not hesitate to work with this company again.
A. Chason
Marshall H.S. JROTC

The only hiccup I can remember is the Jack Links Jerky order of last year when we received it late which in turn impacted our sales. However, that was not your fault but the supplier’s. Other than that, I am personally satisfied with your service, the variety of products you represent, and the incentives you offer our cadets. Looking forward to another superb fundraising experience.
E. Reyes
Klein H.S. JROTC

The Welch’s Fruit Snack sale is proving to be a huge success. I’ve just issued out the last box and monies are being turned in on a regular basis. Thank you for your flexibility in filling the second request.
R. Byrd
Westside H.S. JROTC

Our Welch’s Fruit Snack fundraiser was successful. One of my students sold 6 cases in a very short time. Others are lagging a little bit, but it’s not because of the product. I need to create a lip moving exercise for them. We should have all profits in hand by the end of the week. Really pleased with the product!
Q. Farr
Crosby H.S. JROTC

The Welch’s Fruit Snacks were a great fundraiser. I only have a few more outstanding not sold. Great item and would like to do it again next year. Did not have any problems selling the product. It basically sold itself!
R. Underwood
Deer Park H.S. JROTC

Leslie, we have been able to sell all 70 boxes of Welch’s Fruit Snacks with little trouble (except for the few cadets who “can’t remember” to bring their money in).
D. O’Driscoll
Bellaire H.S. JROTC

Our Welch’s Fruit Snack fundraiser went well. We’re still collecting the last hold-outs, but we will have sold the lot. The spring break slowed our momentum a little, but it has all worked out. I trust all is well.
J. Kilpatrick
Mayde Creek H.S. JROTC

Leslie, you have done everything "right" - The customer service, product delivery, great brochures and willingness to assist with the fundraising kick-off. I enjoyed not only your product, but you and your husband were always so wonderful to work with. No matter how busy you were, you remained readily available if I had questions or concerns.
W. Ewing
Cy-Woods H.S. JROTC

For those of you considering a new type of fund raiser, but are a skeptic like me—look no further. I met Leslie Brock quite unexpectedly after ignoring her email requests for a meeting. I had developed a business relationship with another fund raising group that was good, but just not great. When I met Leslie, I knew right away I had to learn more about her product and program. Even after our first meeting I was still a bit skeptical, and a little guilt ridden over turning away from our previous fund raising partners, but as we got into the taste testing and student motivation that Leslie provided, I became a believer. She, her product, and her services are all that she told us we could expect. Now that we’ve been through our first successful fund raiser with her, I am looking forward to our next one. The delivery system that she has in place for her products is almost a turn-key operation for you the teacher or group leader. It couldn’t be easier, and you don’t have to lift a finger. If you follow everything Leslies tells you to do, you’ll be profitable and a darn near stress free of the fund raiser blues.
D. Crum
Klein Collins H.S. JROTC

We are a new Air force JROTC unit at Cy-Fair H.S., home of the Bobcats! We were having a difficult time trying to decide on a fundraiser. Meg’s Delight was recommended to us by another JROTC unit. We were impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the sales representative “Leslie Brock”. She took us by the hand and recommended ways to make our very first fundraiser a success.

Once we received our cookie dough order, she was personally at the deliver with a motivated working crew (She will never know how much we needed her that day!). Words cannot express the satisfaction our customer’s received from the price and quality of their order. With only 75 new cadets, we were able to generate over $10,000 in sales in only one week!

Thank you Leslie, once again for all your hard work and dedication to our mission. We will have a lovely Military Ball from all the proceeds.
E. Bryant
Cy-Fair H.S. JROTC

I have been in the JROTC business for 19 years now. Fundraising is never an enjoyable enterprise but never the less has to be done to provide for the needs of the unit. Leslie and her company make it easy to achieve your fundraising goals with a group of dedicated folks, ready to help. I have been involved with the Meg’s Delight cookie dough, the best on the market, and the Welch’s Fruit snacks. The cookie dough orders pour in when people get word that you’re selling and the fruit snacks sell faster than anything I have ever tried to sell. Last year we sold 140 cases (280 boxes) in three weeks! This is from a unit of 170 cadets. We were able to completely pay for our awards banquet with money left over to scholarship some cadets to our summer leadership training. Thanks Leslie!
R. Watson
C.E. King High School

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