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Meg's Delight is a family-owned, full service fundraising company based in Texas. Our business is named after our first born daughter, Megan! Meg’s Delight was founded by Leslie Brock in February, 2002. At the time, she and her husband owned a business that was being destroyed by 9-11. She prayed long and hard about their situation and was presented the opportunity to work part time as a School Food Broker by her friend, Earl.

After a few months, she began thinking that some of the products that she represented would be useful as school fundraisers. She had been involved with many fundraising efforts with her church and children’s activities. Leslie knew a little about fundraising but not enough, so she called on a long time friend, Marion, to help her. She took Marion to lunch and asked her every question that she could think of about fundraising! After several hours, she was loaded with enough information to contact her first supplier with a proposition.

She called the commercial cookie manufacturer that she represented and talked to him about packaging his cookie dough in a small box for fundraising. After several meetings, he agreed and Meg’s Delight was born! Shortly after that she contacted her Kolache supplier and convinced him to take a chance and “private label” Kolaches for her. She arranged for frozen storage and delivery services. She developed and printed brochures and developed her own prize program.

Leslie then approached her first client, a local elementary, and made a sale on her first sales call! After the success of her first fundraiser, she hired 12 sales people and Meg’s Delight was off and running!

For the first 2 ½ years, Meg’s Delight thrived on only Cookie Dough and Kolaches! But something was missing. Leslie had developed a prize program and brochure but it was just not what she wanted. She contacted a national toy company (who is now out of business) and the door to many other products was opened.

Meg’s Delight is now a full service fundraising company. We carry everything you can think of for fundraising and more!! We want to be your “One Stop Fundraising Shop”! At Meg’s Delight, we are always working on new products and have a reputation for excellent service. We will “hold your hand” through the entire process and strive to help you surpass your fundraising goals year after year!

At Meg’s Delight, we have been on both sides of the fence. We have been fundraising chairpersons and fundraising providers. We understand the apprehension involved with taking a chance on a new fundraising provider. We also know that most chairpersons are volunteers with families and some even have full time or part time jobs! It is our job to remove the fear and the burden of fundraising. Let our expertise help your organization get where you want to go!

(pictured above: Leslie and her family at the wedding of their daughter, Megan)

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