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We have everything you can imagine for fundraising.

We work with groups from 5 to 5,000
and have helped our customers raise MILLIONS of DOLLARS!

Let our fundraising experts guide you, step by step,
through the “fundraising jungle” with tips to help you exceed your goals!

Maximize your fundraising efforts with our

Meg's Delight Cookie Dough
Meg’s Delight
Cookie Dough
Gourmet Snacks
Meg's Delightful Snacks
A Few of Your Favorite Things
A Few of Your Favorite Things
Jelly Belly and More
Jelly Belly
& More
Megs Chocolaty Delights
Meg's Chocolaty Delights

Ask us about our "Power up your Participation Plan" and our "Bottom Line Booster"!

We are always thinking of more ways to get you where you want to go!

What program will work best for your group — Order Takers or Direct Sales?

Order Takers work best when you have a large number of students and you have no control over how much they sell.  With a school wide fundraiser, it is hard to get those unsold coupon books or candy bars back!!  So give each student a brochure and order form.  This way the students take orders and collect the money up front.  The organization then orders only product for which payment has been received. You are not stuck with unsold product!

In a smaller organization, Direct Sales work well because the organizer normally has more control over the students.  If you hand a student a box of Jack Link's Beef Jerkey, the chances of getting your money or the unused product increases because you can hold their report card until they pay up!  In a perfect world, we like to think that all students would be responsible enough to sell all of their product and turn in all of their money!

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